Yarn Dreads

Yarn braids are simply braids made out of yarn. With yarn being the type of ‘hair extension’ used, they can also be made into yarn twists or yarn dreadlocks etc.
We are discussing yarn dreads in depth as per the picture above. These are also referred to as yarn locs, yarn wraps or genie locs etc This hairstyle presents a low-key style that requires little maintenance. The yarn dreads can be washed together with your natural hair that they are attached to using a regular hair shampoo. You can then wrap a drying towel around them to remove extra water and allow them to dry naturally instead of using a dryer.
At Dial A HairSalon our policy is that braids should never hurt during installation,  because if they do that also means hair loss is occurring in the process which can result in long term permanent damage to the client’s hair. As such, our stylists use a special technique of just applying the correct tension for the best quality yarn dreads. The quality of yarn dreads is a direct result thr ee major factors i.e. the correct tension being applied , consistency in thickness and length as well as diligent wrapping of each dread from root to end at right angles and same spacing.
Care should especially be taken when plaiting natural hair as it can pop out of the wraps with time if not properly tucked in. The are also several techniques of securing the yarn dreads but at Dial-A-HairSalon we favour a braid root which ensures that the dread is secure whether we are dealing with natural or relaxed hair. The braid root also results in a seamless and perfect finish as the braid root itself is also completely covered under the wraps.
As compared to tying and cutting the ends, we prefer burning the ends with a lighter for a neat look. Upon completion yarn dreads tend to have a stiff look and our little secret for achieving a flattering and natural look is to totally immerse the yarn dreads in hot water and then allowing them to dry naturally. After this the yarn dreads become relaxed. Care should be taken when using fire lighters and hot water.
It takes an average of three hours for a stylist to plait medium thickness yarn dreads up to the waist on an adult as shown in the pictures above. Time variations occur due to the amount  and length of hair of a particular client. And much more time can result when plaiting children as children cannot be expected to stay seated for a long time thus necessitating several in between breaks and child friendly techniques for cooperation.
Some advantages of yarn dreads are that it is a protective hairstyle,  meaning that, except for the roots,hair is completely protected from the weather elements such as dryness and humidity. It is vital to moisturise the hair and seal it in with an oil to ensure that it does not dry out in the extensions. Yarn is also much lighter than hair extensions which results in less pressure on the hair and great for kids to carry around. They are also a great test drive for those who are considering natural locks but not sure if they will like them. The major disadvantage though is that tension is key to achieve the dread look, and it can also be damaging to the hair if not done correctly.

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