Hand Tied Wigs vs Machine Made Wigs?

Machine Made Wigs
Machine made wigs usually cost less because they can be mass produced in a shorter period of time. The machine produced process uses caps that are thicker which creates the appearance of more lift and volume to the hair, whether synthetic or human. However, if a person has a sensitive scalp, a thicker cap can create irritation problems.
There are also wigs available with a blend of both manufacturing processes. For example, a lace front wig is hand tied along the hairline to create a natural appearance with limited style versatility. The bulk of the wig, however, is machine manufactured. . For women who have lost some, but not all of their hair often a machine made wig may be a better option. The existing hair can be pulled through the wefting to help keep the wig in place as well as give the hair underneath a place to go. Otherwise, it would have to be pulled up and hidden under the cap potentially creating a visible lump. Although a hand-tied wig is a bit pricier it is recommended for cancer patients because of scalp sensitivity, Even so, a machine made wig or partially machine-made wig can be an economical option and can look just as natural as hand tied wig.
Machine Made WigMachine Made Wigs
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